After the crazy warm early December and the low amount of precipitation we had, the ski conditions are not too bad. The last snowfall has left between 15 and 25cm of new fresh cold snow. So far, this nice surface layer has been just a bit affected by the north wind. The good thing, with the warm weather we had, it settled down the snowpack pretty well and created a nice compact and consistent base, more like what we can find down south.

Today it was a bit hard to find the motivation to leave Whitehorse in the darkness at -27c, but the drive was wonderful, with a beautiful sunrise. The temperature at  White Pas was -20c with a light north wind, but with a good inversion.   It was not too busy there, just a handful of skiers and sledders. The snow conditions were great, even if the snowpack starts to be a bit affected by the northwind ( it supposed to gets worth), it is still possible to find some good pockets of great snow and finally even if the snowpack is quite different than usually, ski conditions are getting pretty similar to what we have normally in the early season.

So if you are just a skier, your goal is to shred deep powder, you might be disappointed, yoyo skiing in the Fraser chutes should be the best option, but if you are more attracted by the beauty of the mountains, the peaks are waiting for you.

A few pictures from today



The low fog started to produce a bit of surface hoar but at very low elevation.

I was happy when the sun appeared, even if at this time of the year it is not warm, it is good for the moral.


Low fog at Fraser


Nice clear day on the Chilkoot side and the Coastal Range.


Not too cold…but not warm 😉


Feather Peak East Side.


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When I came back to the parking lot…it was a bit more busy with another car.


Log Cabin



The end of a nice day, with a wonderful sunset.


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