The Yukon is a large territory, It is all about wilderness with a lot of mountains, a great place for people passionate about nature and outdoor activities.

In wintertime, it isn’t only a good place to do some dogsledding or watching northern lights. The wintersnow transforms the landscape in a perfect playground for backcountry skiers.

Backcountry skiing, ski touring, ski mountaineering, whatever the name and whatever the tool, skis, telemark or snowboard, and whatever your ability, you will find a good spot. Ski touring is the way of skiing closest to the ski origin. Probably the best way to travel through the mountains in winter, faster than snowshoes, environmentally friendly and sensation while skiing down.

When I moved to the Yukon, I was excited about all the ski touring opportunities around here. Hundreds of unnamed peaks, waiting for someone to ski on. I have been exploring some parts of the territory for 6 years. The territory is huge and possibilities are endless. Some of the best and more accessible areas for skiing are: White Pass, Haines Pass, Kluane and Tombstone. Day trip, multiday trips, traverse, steep skiing, you will find what you are looking for.

With 40 years skiing and more than 25 years ski touring and mountaineering experience, I am continuously exploring and improving my knowledge of the area. I like to share information and I hope I can give the opportunity to more people to love those mountains as much as I do, because when you love something, you respect it and you protect it.

Visit the Yukon backcountry skiing blog section to know more about skiing between Yukon and Alaska. To get the last updates about the weather and ski conditions, visit the links page.

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