Oh Les Filles cover

Oh les filles – the movie

After being part of different productions, it motivated me to try to share my own vision of skiing in the Yukon. To explore the reasons that push me too go solo, but also the pleasure I have to bring my family with me in this environment that I love so much.

I also had the chance to come across Yannick Klein, another french guy, passionate about video and living in Whitehorse too. He helped me to jump on this adventure.

The idea behind the movie was to have the girls involved in a family project. A great learning experience for them….and for me too. I like to go solo in the mountains, I also love to share it with the girls. Mountains is a great school for kids, they do not only learn technical skills, but also it help them to build their mind. It brings them values that cannot be teach in a classroom. I also wanted them to share a little adventure with me in the big mountains of the Saint Elias, an amazing place I love.

This project started in January to end up in July. Bad luck, while the winter was great in Europe and most of the North America, we had one of the worst winter ever here in the Yukon. Snow conditions were bad because of the low snow and unusual warm weather. But, we had fun in the Coastal Range mountains anyway, between Alaska and Yukon.
We finished this project with an expedition in the Saint Elias mountains. A big adventure for the girls, in this incredible environment, only accessible in summer. Our cousin Jerome, shared this adventure with us and helped us filming.


This project was a real adventure.It took us a lot of time, energy and money to finalize it. But, it was also a family project and i tried to have the girls involved, not only for the filling, but all the way through the realisation and the development of this project I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped.

Of course, a big thank you to our longtime partners: ZAG, PLUM, Terre de Montagne, Alayuk and Icefield Discovery.

Thank you to Yannick, Klein of Yukan Productions, James Minifie from Yukon Backcountry
Adventures and Yukon Built.

Also a big thank you to all of you who participated to our crowd funding campaign.

A special thank to Enak, Gavaggio alias Rancho for his participation and his help.

Tax payers, do not worry about public money. this project as well as Yukon Backcountry skiing did not get any funding from the territorial or the federal government.