Bon Appétit Ski

Last April, I had the chance to be part of a nice adventure with the Bon Appétit ski team. A nice trip, a lot of pleasure, a lot of fun but also a great professionalism, this is the secret of the success for Bon Appétit.
A big thank you to Fabien Maierhofer, Victor Galuchot, Nico Favre and Boon Favre and also for Enak Gavaggio and Franck Bernes-Heuga, you are welcome to come back again.

A big thank you to Sian Williams and Lance Goodwin from Icefield Discovery for their help and their kindness.
A special thank you to Champagne and Aishihik First Nation to gave us permission to access and film in their traditional territory.
To see the episode with English subtitles this is here : Bon Appétit

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