Are the ski conditions still good? Do people really still care?  In town there is no more snow left, bike trails are nice and dry. A lot of people are in mountain bike and canoe mode right now. But, for real skiers, the season is just at his best.  Even after a very mild winter with low precipitation, we still have perfect Januaril conditions. We have January snow quality but with April temperatures and daylight….it is just perfect.  On North aspects the snow is still cold and dry and easy to ski while everywhere else corn snow provide good skiing. For the snow stability, it is not too bad, and we finally can go in steeper terrain without too many concerns.

Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00010



So we went up to Cleveland area…

…and down in a nice South facing little couloir with good snow.Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00012

good toys and a nice playground for the day…what else?yukonbackcountryskiing Clevage




Up again to find a good line.Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00013


Checking the conditionsClaude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00017

And dropping down a nice line.Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00014  Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00019


And up again for more turns….a nice cornice on the top of the Southeast peak of Cleveland.Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00022


And down again….Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00025


At low elevation, spring is here and after a low snow winter, approaches will be soon tricky, so far it is still good but for how long?Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00026

Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00027

Claude Vallier yukon Backcountry skiing00028



    • Hi Alex, December and January are not the best months, but we have enough daylight from 0930 t0 1600 to enjoy the mountains when it is not to cold.

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