Yes, we got some fresh snow, finally. Not a big dump, but enough to make some nice turns. I decided to head up to Haines Pass. The area received between 20 and 30 cm of new snow. Some areas were a bit wind affected, especially on the alaskan side. Be aware about north slopes, avalanche bulletin was right, some slides happened, sledder triggered a good size 2. The weather was great, a pure blue sky, cold temperature in the morning at -30C but warming up during the day. It is possible to find some good ski conditions,  even in avoiding the tempting north slopes, and you have a wide choice of terrain around here. The ski was good, but the most exciting was the wonderful night that I spent, with an amazing northern lights display, the sky was in fire most of the night.

Alaska Highway The Alaska highway, the road to the mountains.

froid-124 Highway Maintenance Crew working hard, a good sign that we received fresh snow.

froid-132 Easy skinning.froid-131 The view was amazing.froid-130

froid-127  Yes the snow was good, not super deep big powder but good enough.froid-138    froid-133

froid-134 froid-135 froid-128

And then, the night show:

aurores aurores3 aurores2 froid-163 froid-171

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