Winter is here, welcome winter.

The backcountry ski season is just about to start now with the last snowfalls. It is already possible to ski at Haines Pass, and White Pass is going to provide good ski conditions soon. A good way to be informed and to post informations that you have : the CAC discussion forum

-And you, are you ready?

We are lucky to have at least two professional avalanche specialists providing interesting and useful courses. Check for opportunities and details : Avalanche North or The Sharp end

-Is your equipment ready?

Do not forget to check your binding set up. A lot of skiers think that their bindings are OK but they are not. Nothing is too bad than having some good bindings but not able to save you from a bad knee because of a wrong adjustement. If you are not sure, check on the user notice or on your bindings brand website. You can also ask to your closer ski shop, we are lucky to have two good ones not too far. Up North Adventures in Whitehorse and the Mountain Shop in Skagway.

And do not forget to check on the Yukon Avalanche Association website for a lot of new exciting things for the coming ski season.

Have a good and safe winter.

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