Ski season is starting slowly. For now, the snowpack seems to be a bit below average for this time of the year and it is really wind affected.
It is possible to ski but at low elevation the ski is not great, rocks and trees are not well buried and there is a risk to have your ski or leg trapped in holes, risk to be injured is real.
However, it is possible to ski correctly in gullies where the snow has been accumulated by the wind but be aware this kind of terrain can be a perfect terrain trap in case of avalanche that often occur in this kind of feature.
In higher elevation, ski conditions are a bit better, especially on glacier but access could be tricky.
More information about snow conditions here :

sunrise on Caribou Mountain

Sunrise on Caribou Mountain

A bit later sunrise on White Pass, the Boundary Peaks.

From left to right: The Knee and the two peaks of Carmack, Cleveland South-East summit and Feather peak.

The Knee and the two peaks of Carmack.

Out house hill and the South Klondike highway.

Looking South toward Laughton and Sawtooth.

Wind at work transporting snow.


Even if snow conditions are not great, it is however possible to make some good turns in decent snow.

So season is starting slowly but snow is on his way … be ready, pretty soon we will have good conditions.

Have fun and play safe.


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