We have new fresh snow…finally. I woke up early..very early, the full moon  was high in the sky, I guessed the weather should not be very good in the mountains but I tried anyway….let’s go to White Pass for a solo trip. At the summit, there was no visibility, a bit of SW wind  but 5 cm of new fresh snow…. Closer to Fraser the weather was a bit better…but I was too early anyway….it was still dark…I waited  a bit.  I did some nice skiing, the snow is very good now. The last weather system brought around 50cm of new snow, and it is still snowing a bit. But be aware of stability, the snowpack is very variable with a lot of weak spot but even in conservative terrain it is possible to make nice turns.

Good start with the moon rising


And then snow on the road


But not too bad too ski below the treeline.



A small break…and the tracks of the day


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