Haines Pass Backcountry Skiing


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3.5 hours drive from Whitehorse, Haines Pass cross the Coastal Range between Haines Junction in the Yukon and Haines in Alaska. Haines Alaska is well known as an heliski destination. The Haines Road gives access to a great area for backcountry skiing. West of the road, it gives access to Tastshenshini-Alsek provincial park where heli skiing is not permitted.



Haines Pass Backcountry Skiing has 164 pages and more than 60 routes described in details with a lot of pictures. Just like White Pass Backcountry Skiing, you will find all the information you have to know and it will allow you to find the most suitable route.

8 reviews for Haines Pass Backcountry Skiing

  1. Yukonpow

    Great job.
    Love it. So useful, great pics and good descriptions.


  2. Chris

    Great book, so useful.
    It allowed us to save a lot of time for our first trip on the Haines Road.
    Pictures are great to help us pick our lines. So useful info.
    Glad to have iut when we were there.

  3. Graham

    Thank you for sharing all of these lines.
    Having all of the approaches to the different areas is amazing. For sure we saved a lot of time. Like the rating of the routes as well as the pictures.

  4. Jade

    Tnanl you for sharing the good stuff. For sure your book make it easier to find and access the beautiful slopes and peaks on the haines Pass area.
    Thank you for the very quick and free delivery in town.

  5. Ray

    Great book, great work and thank you for sharing. it makes our trips easier for sure.

  6. Chuck

    Thank you for sharing all those info. Also thank you for the quick delivery.
    We discovered some new places we haven’t skied before and it was great.


    • claude


  7. Blake

    Thanks for the quick shipping, just received the book and can’t wait to come to see how it looks like in real.

  8. Chris

    Great book, so useful.
    thank you

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