White Pass & Haines Pass Combo (Eng)


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White Pass Backcountry Skiing
1.5 hour drive south of Whitehorse. White Pass is a link between the Yukon and the coast of Alaska. The South Klondike Highway cross the Coastal Range to end down the little village of Skagway, on the shore of the Lynn Canal. The road allow us to have access to nice mountains.

Haines Pass Backcountry Skiing
3.5 hours drive from Whitehorse, Haines Pass cross the Coastal Range between Haines Junction in the Yukon and Haines in Alaska. Haines Alaska is well known as an heliski destination. The Haines Road gives access to a great area for backcountry skiing. West of the road, it gives access to Tastshenshini-Alsek provincial park where heli skiing is not permitted.

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White Pass Backcountry Skiing
This 160 pages book has over 180 color pictures. It described in details a large choice of routes, from easy and simple to complex and challenging. For each route, you will find a picture of the itinerary, access, difficulty, exposure to risks, length. This book contains everything you have to know before you go.
Haines Pass Backcountry Skiing
Haines Pass Backcountry Skiing has 164 pages and more than 60 routes described in details with a lot of pictures. Just like White Pass Backcountry Skiing, you will find all the information you have to know and it will allow you to find the most suitable route.

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10 reviews for White Pass & Haines Pass Combo (Eng)

  1. Jason

    Perfect to plan our trips to the passes. great photos.
    Thank you to help us discover those amazing slopes.
    Also thank you for the very quick delivery, ordered in the morning, delivered in the evening…great.

  2. Kris

    Great books with tons of useful information, for sure we found great lines. I can’t waity for the spring to come to explore more challenging routes.
    Some of the routes you’re describing are very impressive. I’m curious to know how many days you spent skiing there?

  3. Rob

    I have been reading through these books for the last week.
    I started off looking up the places I knew and then flipped to areas I have been wanting to explore. The guide does a good job of giving you enough information to give you a good day in the mountains.
    Two thumbs up!

  4. Chris.

    Great Books, full of useful information and tips.
    Thank you for sharing the best spots 😉

  5. Darryl

    Great books, so useful. Like all the pictures of the routes.
    Thank you for the quick delivery ( order the morning, got it in the afternoon).

  6. Matt

    Great Books, thank you to share your knowledge.
    And thank you for the quick delivery.

  7. Jordan

    I’m impressed with the delivery, ordered at 1pm and got it at 2pm, cannot be faster.
    Great books and so useful.

  8. Matt G

    Great books, so useful. Thank you for the delivery the same day we ordered.

  9. Jeff

    Thanks for all those info. Great books and nice pictures.

  10. Greg

    very good books, very useful.
    Quick delivery too, cannot wait to get on the slopes.

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