Ski season is not over in the Yukon. May was probably the best month of the 2013-13 ski season with the best conditions. The snow was good, better stability and quality and the weather was not too bad…with a lot of fresh snow and temperatures cold enough to keep it good. End of may we decided to check the possibilities for ski touring in the Kluane Icefield. Just during the flight to get there I was amazed by the diversity of this playground. By chance I could use the camp from Icefield Discovery as a base camp. The camp location is just perfect with diverse kind of terrain, it is easy to find what you are looking for, steep couloirs or gentle slopes….and the environment is amazing. Everywhere you go you are attracted by the stunning view of the Mont Logan, it attract your eyes like magnets. Late spring is a very good period because it is one of the driest, there is no night , temperatures are just perfect, not too cold to be very comfortable at the camp but not too warm to affect the snow conditions. Snow was just a affected by the sun on the very exposed slopes oriented to the southwest, otherwise it was still a cold and dry snow just a little wind affected in some places. nothing better than going for an evening ride to enjoy the sunset.

We were there for skiing, but even if the place just worth the view, it is also perfect for others activities, what a place for kiting with a vast area free of crevasses.


View from the camp, the Mont logan, the highest peak in Canada at 5959 meters of elevation.


The icefield discovery camp with left the sub peak of Mont Queen Mary and right the Mont Logan…nice location.




Late in the evening, after 22.00, it is time for an evening tour with the Mont logan in sight.

Kluane icefield_-3

Mont Vancouver, 4785 meters, not as high as the Mont logan but a huge mountain between the Hubbard and Seward glaciers.


Mont Augusta 4289 meters, a nice video from the team of the GMHM


Nice little peaks, perfect for some day trips from the camp, look for the two skiers, little dots at the base of the peak on the left, it will give you an idea of the scale.


Sian in her backyard.




Every where you go you can see the Mont Logan and his kind of magical attraction.


Ski conditions were still very good.



Enjoying a nice evening, you cannot be tired of the scenery.

With the long boreal days, you can do whatever you want whenever you want and enjoy the super long sunsets.


1.30am no night at this time of the year, a very long sunset followed by a long sunrise and with the full moon rising.

icefield_-52 icefield_-47 icefield_-39 icefield_-38

A last view of the Logan before going to bed, already 23.00, the sun is still high un the sky and the tent is warm…perfect.

icefield_-21 icefield_-16 icefield_-14


A big thank to Sian from Icefield Discovery


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