Haines Pass, what a nice play ground for skiers. There are diverse kind of slopes, from gentle large, steep couloirs or nice ridge line.
Just like in White Pass area, the winter so far, is a bit different of what we are expecting. But last week, the weather finally gets better and gave us a bit of spring overview.

Just like in White Pass area, winter has been dry: low precipitations, a lot of windy days…even very windy, some cold snap and the result is a very variable and shallow snow pack. A very wind affected snow pack, add one or two weak layers of facets or depth hoar, a bit of wind slabs on top of it and you have the perfect cocktail for big slab avalanches. The problem is the snowpack is so variable that it is sometime very difficult to evaluate how safe a slope is. For the next weeks, we might have to be aware again, because of the nice clear nights that we had, surface hoar is now present and if it is not going to be removed by the wind or melted by the sun, it will be a thing to keep in mind after the next snowfall.
Sad news from Haines, a guide has been killed in an avalanche last week and 2 others member of the group has been injured.

But it is possible to do some nice tours and to find some good snow on safe slopes.
And do not forget to check last bulletins here http://www.avalanche.ca/cac/bulletins/latest/yukon and check for conditions reports there http://avalanche.ca/Forums/forums/default.aspx?GroupID=3 and you could add some comments too.

Ski safe and have fun.

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